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We continue to work remotely during the current revised Covid-19 restriction.

We are a practice of specialist psychologists and therapists with considerable experience in treating conditions that result from the pressures of life today.

Why do so many people feel tired-out, stressed, anxious or low in mood?

The prevalence of exhaustion, stress, anxiety disorders and depression is rising due to the pressures of our times: work demands, rapid changes, client and customer expectations, the demands of globalisation and technology. These demands can create pressures on our relationships and on our home lives. It is easy for us to take ourselves for granted and for fatigue and psychological symptoms to develop. Others start to use alcohol or drugs as a way of trying to relax and cope with life's demands. We specialise in focussed psychological therapies that can build peoples' resilience, helping them to understand the nature of their difficulties and develop practical strategies to overcome their problems.

We are experienced in dealing with a full range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, bereavement, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder.

We use contemporary research based treatment approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy and anxiety management techniques. These treatments are focussed, deal with the key issues and can be effective in a small number of sessions.

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