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We have recently developed an online Resilience Index questionnaire and the Resilience Enhancement Training Programme. Essentially we are all in a balance between the pressures of life and those things we do that make up our resilience. Resilience buffers us from the strains of life; our resilience absorbs the pressures leaving us feeling in control in spite of life being demanding or unpredictable.

Stress, fatigue and often ill-health result when the demands on us exceed the strengths of our resilience system.

This programme is about building your resilience system so that you can maintain your energy, your wellbeing and your effectiveness at what you do in spite of life becoming more demanding.

The Resilience Index

The programme starts with a questionnaire The Resilience Index which gives you a summary of the strengths of your resilience building blocks.

The Structure of the Programme The programme then moves on to a series of modules.

Module 1 Understanding the Physiology of Resilience
Module 2 Balance to Life
Module 3 Taking charge of Life Events
Module 4 Building Resilient Attitudes – Your Cognitive System
Summary Module Combining the Resilience Building Blocks

This training programme is available to practice patients and our corporate clients at the moment. We are looking forward to expanding it’s availability to a wider audience and we would be happy to discuss it’s use in organisational settings.

If you would like further information call Karen Roberts, Clinical Director on 02070366180

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