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General Practice Information

Please read this information it enables us to provide our services with the minimum of fuss.


  1. Full name and title
  2. Home address + post code
  3. Phone numbers and email address
  4. Date of Birth
  5. By whom you were referred

We only keep your biographical details on record (we have several layers of security and are confident that we comply fully with data protection legislation to safeguard your personal data).


Check the fee rate prior to making your first appointment.

You can pay our fees by bank transfer / cheque and shortly by credit card.


Many private medical insurers (PMI) expect you follow a formal route, which can include a GP referral or commonly a referral by a specialist; frequently a psychiatrist.

We endeavour to help you utilise your PMI where possible and ask that prior to an initial appointment that you thoroughly check the conditions of your policy. Every PMI policy is different and each case is dealt-with on an individual basis both by us and by your PMI provider.

Prior to your appointment you must provide us with

  1. Your PMI's name.
  2. Membership No (and if appropriate Group Membership No).
  3. Pre-authorisation if this is a requirement of your policy. (This is normally in the form of a number or code unique or code to your).

Special Notice

In the event of any failure by your insurer to cover fees for your treatment you are responsible for payment. Please check your policy and advise us of any limitations.

In the event of 2 OR MORE INVOICES BEING UNPAID by your PMI provider we will contact you to request payment, we can issue a receipt so that you can reclaim from them.

Shared responsibility – some policies require you to pay part of your fee in which case we will invoice you directly; you pay the full fee and submit a claim to your PMI for reimbursement yourself.


Our psychologists are individually recognised by AXAPPP but this provider does not recognise our Practice as either a group/umbrella or clinical provider therefore we are no longer able to submit invoices to these providers.

If you are in any doubt, speak to us before your appointment.


Where an employer is going to meet the cost of treatment, you must advise us of any caveats they have imposed (e.g. set number of sessions). Please tell us the name of the individual with whom we should discuss things if we need to. Most client business provides a Purchase Order Number to enable them to process our invoices.

We will not discuss your treatment with anyone unless you have agreed this with us by written consent.

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